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(no subject) [Dec. 20th, 2004|11:58 am]
[mood |lovedloved]
[music |st anger- Metallica]

I haven't listened to st anger in forever... I can't wait till OZZFEST!!!

--BOY:i saw her today
GIRL:i saw him today
--BOY:it seems like it`s been forever
GIRL:i wonder if he still cares
--BOY:she looks better than before
GIRL:i couldn`t stop staring at him
--BOY:i asked her how things were going
GIRL:i asked about his new girlfriend
--BOY:i`d choose her over any girl i`m with
GIRL:he`s probably really happy right now
--BOY:i couldn`t even look at her without starting to cry
GIRL:he couldn`t even look at me
--BOY:i told her i miss her
GIRL: he doesn`t mean it
--BOY:i meant it
GIRL:he doesn`t mean it
--BOY:i love her
GIRL:he loves his new girlfriend
--BOY:i held her for the last time
GIRL:he gave me a friendly hug
--BOY:then i went home and cried
GIRL:then i went home and cried
--BOY:i lost her
GIRL:i love him

When he reads it he knows what it's like... he knows I'm broken just like him
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(no subject) [Dec. 1st, 2004|06:56 pm]
[mood |excitedexcited]
[music |Slipknot- Sic]

Friends only- or people who are worth it
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(no subject) [Nov. 26th, 2004|04:17 pm]
[mood |shockedshocked]
[music |silence...]

whoa- my last entry wasn't depressing... other than snow...
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(no subject) [Nov. 11th, 2004|07:23 pm]
[mood |sicksick]
[music |songs from A Night at the Roxburry]

yeah... I have like a really bad headache at the moment- gah

HAPPY 2 MONTH TO JOEL AND MARY :) hehe- oh yes~ the highlight of the day

uhhh yeah as you can see I'm like basically obbsessed with surveys... I swear they are just there for my time wasting :) I love it!!! haha I love me... I'm currently trying to study for a quiz, but was suddenly distracted and had to finish a survey...

yeah now AIM is being a gay fuck... idk what's wrong with it but I think ima restart my computer... damn brb
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(no subject) [Nov. 10th, 2004|04:24 pm]
[mood |pissed offpissed off]
[music |t.A.T.u.- All the Things She Said]

*Name: Kristina
*Heritage: 100% El Salvadorian
*Nicknames: Krisi
*Birthday: March 14th
*Birthplace: a hospital in El Salvador
*Current location: Michigan- computer room
*Zodiac Sign: pisces
*Color of eyes: dark brown/black
*Color of hair: dark brown/black LONGGGG
*Height: around 5'5 :-P
*Lefty or righty: righty
*Religion: catholic
*Siblings: one brother~23
*Do you write in cursive or print: print

*Who's your Best.....*
*boy friend: my bf...
*Girlfriend: all my close friends

Have you ever::
*Had braces: yeah
*Fallen for your best friend: yes
*gone out in public in your pajamas: yup
*Kept a secret from everyone: yeah
*Cried during a movie/song: omg... brian- i had to snap that CD because all I could cry/think about was you
*Had a crush on a teacher?: haha eah
*Done something to impress your crush: yes
*Found a cartoon character attractive: mayba
*Gotten in a car accident: nope- well crashed into a deer once I guess that's one- Mary has luckily kept me alive...

*Do you?*
*Have a bf/gf: yes
*Take a shower everyday: yes
*Think you've been in love before: yes...right now
*Like high school: eh
*Habla espanol: si
*Speak any other language: oui
*Want to get married: yeah
*Type with your fingers: do I ever
*Believe in yourself: yes- especially when I start slitting my wrists
*Get motion sickness: not really
*Think your a health nut: ha no
*Get along with your parents: hellll no
*Like thunderstorms: hellll yeah
*Smoke: nope
*Drink: mayba
*Sing: in the shower
*Play an instrument: piano- guitar- drums...- clarinet lol
*Played a game that required removal of clothing: hehehe

*Which One?*
*Pepsi or coke: COKE
*Chicken nuggets or fingers: fingers
*Dogs or cats: CATS!!!
*Rugrats or doug: both
*Lipton or nestea: nestea
*One pillow or two: 1
*Chocolate or strawberry: chocolate
*Coffee or milk: coffee
*Drinks with or without ice: depends- but ice makes it watery- gah

*Age you hope to get married: i don't know... I want to have a steady job before it
*Where do you see yourself at that age: achieving my goals
*Describe your dream wedding: waterfall... outside... god I can't wait :)
*When and how do you want to die: I'm not saying an age- that's up to God... but I want it painfully soft
*What are you career plans: writing- community helping
*Someplace you like to visit: Egypt

*Who Was The Last Person...*
*You talked to- Steph
*You hugged- Neka
*You kissed- uh guy wise Josh girl wise- my mom
*You laughed with - all different people
*Who broke your heart- you

*Shampoo: all different kinds- but- Dove
*Bands or singers: Slipknot/Marilyn Manson
*Type(s) of music: Straight Hardcore Metal
*Color: black
*Movie: ~A beautiful Life~
Book: NIGHTSHADE- John Saul
*TV show: uh the simpsons
*Song: The Virus of Life- Slipknot
*Candy: lemonheads
*Weekend activity: hanging out with my buddies... sleeping
*Holiday: uh... I guess Christmas :)
*Ice cream flavor: Cherry Garcia!!!
*Perfume/cologne: i love that sexy smell of axe haha- but for me- almost naked~ victoria's secret
*Roller coaster: dragster

*Do You Believe..*

*In love- yes
*In soul mates- yes... I think I found him...
*In love at first sight - yup
*In Heaven - mmmmk yeah
*In forgiveness: yes- forgive EVERYTHING
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(no subject) [Nov. 9th, 2004|05:10 pm]
[mood |ditzyditzy]
[music |Britney Spears *yeah I know shut up*]

name- Kristina
where do you live- Michigan
any nicknames- Krisi
sign- Pisces
birthday- March 14th!
eye color- dark brown/black
shoe size- uh around 7 1/2- wooo big eh
pets- 2 loveable cats :D

color- black
food- ruzzut *family recipie* and anything Italian
drink- coke
scent- almost naked perfume (Victoria's Secrets O:))
book- Nightshade- John Saul *OMG YOU HAVE TO READ IT*
movie- A night at the Roxburry
animal- kitties!
video game- OMG! perfect dark *N64* that game is mofo awesome
song- The Virus of Life- SLiPKnOT
band- Slipknot and Marilyn Manson
number- 2, 16, 18, 22
candy- lemonheads

coke or pepsi- Coke
rain or snow- rain
fall or winter- fall
bath or shower- shower (depends on my mood)
black or white- I love that store! but black
pen or pencil- pen
dog or cat- cat!!!!
plate or bowl- wtf? idk both
football or baseball- football
electric or acoustic- electric but I got stuck with acoustic
AIM or phone- AIM and cell... not house phone
weed or cigarettes- none~ that's bad for you!
glass or plastic- plastic
banana or strawberry- both are icky

jon or austin- jon
austin or david- david
david or max- david
max or dan- haha they are brothers! dan
dan or ben- hmmm dan cutes and bens funny
ben or jon- jon
zach or logan- both are fags
logan or david- david
maren or gretchen- gay names
gretchen or laura- gay names/bitches
laura or cici- whoa! cici for like amanda's great aunt
cici or callie- callie~reminds me of CaLiForNiA
callie or catie- I like Katie
catie or maren- uh
cici or gretchen- wtf is this
cathy or taylor- taylor was gay
george or bobo- bobo~dick omg-good times kelli

are you single......- no

o well fuck that.... new topic...BANDS
AFI- they're okay
HIM- don't listen to it...
KoRn- they are cool
Green Day- not really
Sum 41- gay as fuck
Blink 182- stupid
Smile Empty Soul- don't listen to it
Nirvana- awesome
Rammstein- eh not really
Metallica- they're awesome- I love James Hetfield
Godsmack- they're pretty cool
Kittie- what
Jack off Jill- haha
Marcy Playground- eh
Tool- okay
Sex Pistols- alright
Misfits- ?
Ramones- I think I've heard a song or two
Rancid- alright
Weezer- he's cute!
Dropkick Murphys- ?
Bloodhound Gang- no...
Sugarcult- to many fucking memories- ugh
Seether- ?
Jimmi Hendrix- fucking awesome
Marilyn Manson- I FUCKING LOVE HIM
Slayer- okay
CKY- saw them in concert- uh yeah no
Motley Crue- eh
Cradle of Filth- eh yeah
Daniel Lioneye- no
ICP- I hated them when I liked Eminem lol
Linkin Park- who doesn't
Story of the Year- okay
Taking Back Sunday- okay
Hoobastank- yeah... depressing memories
Evanescense- I love them!
Thursday- eh
Bright Eyes- no
Dashboard Confessionals- I like some songs...
Offspring- no
Trapt- yeah some songs
Less than JAke- ?
Anti-flag- eh no
Ataris- okay
a static lullaby- never really listened to them

coke- my favorite *a-cola* not weed :-P
cat- awwww
feet- ewwww
cup- i-c-u-p hehe
aluminum- fun
kitty- omgggg they are so cute!
pepsi- coke all the way
truck- dirt
printer- color
desk- carving
mall- hot topic/victoria's secret
prep- die
shower- fun
blood- i love pain
sleep- god i love sleep
deprived- childhood
slave- killing me
green- um those twinkies i saw with steph lmao
hate- my life
broken- my heart
lust- so used
bar- ha
spanish- grrrr
pole- haha funny memory at my old house with my ex friend kim- wow!
pillow- sleeeeeep
blank- my mind
c2- sucks
light- is tooo bright
rain- that's better
summer- when obbsesses of suicide wasn't overpowing me
ceiling- yeah
hat- steve! i miss him
drawer- never use it
drool- ok so he isn't that cute
nose- blah
dead- can't wait
short- charlie
tall- steven whose 7'
phone- late at night
band- SliPKn0T and Marilyn Manson
hair- i love me hair
computer- AIM
mailbox- uh oh report card
stem- flower
remind- me
expression- deadly
tree- lots of 'em
hello- kitty
pudding- yummmy!

hug- today~ sarahhh
book you read- Endless Night
kiss- um couple of weeks ago? a month?
song you listened to- Massive Attack- Angel
cd you bought- hmmm- Slipkn0t I'm thinking...
friend you saw- Steph
person you talked to on the phone- mi madre
wish- everything would stop and leave me alone
person you thought about- Allen
website you went to- someone's livejournal
movie you watched at home- Alex and Emma
movie you saw at the theatre- The Grudge
song you sang- Massive Attack- Angel
injury- my slits/cuts/burns
picture you took- mwah! :)
shower- this morning
alcoholic drink- hehehe
cigarette- never
car ride- coming home from KROGER
time you went to hell- school

tallest- uhhh Amanda?
shortest- uhhh sarah or Neka hehe
funniest- uh~ idk all of 'em lol
most boring- awww that's not nice!
bitchiest- whoever has PMS at the moment
hottest- whoa there! wait are boys included? oh then Steve
most trustworthy- Sarah and Neka! and of course Alllllen
loudest- me? Syd at times haha
quietest- neka!!!
saddest- sarah n me... :-\
craziest- all of us at times...
stupidest- Mary haha
blondest- amanda
most caring- sarah
most uncaring- um I don't have friends like that
someone to just act stupid around- all of 'em
sluttiest- um... no
poserish- none of my friends- but all you fucking abercrombi lovers
laziest- blah aren't we all
most athletic- I'd say sarah cause of swimming
most poetic- Neka n me!!!
bestest singerer- uh?
who will die alone- wtf! that's mean
who will die a virgin- MARRRRRRRRRRRRY!
loneliest- um none of them?
least favorite- this is cruel
your most unlike- hehe
your most like- Syd/Sarah
scariest- blah mary hahaha

white- blank
black- depressed
red- in pain
orange- okay
yellow- happy
green- sick
blue- beautiful
purple- mix
brown- gloomy
pink- girly
hot pink- give me an effin break
gray- oldish
silver- quarky...
gold- rich
copper- dirrrty

listening to- massive attack- angel
watching- just finished Alex and Emma
reading- Endless Night
feeling- like a mix of shit- gloomy/depressed/happy/confused
shirt- MIAMI shirt
pants- ndp sweatpants
location- Michigan? uh in my computer room
socks- knee hehe
talking to- a lot of people- adam- allen- kristen- allision- brian- josh
eating- pop corn
drinking- juicy juice :)
thinking about- a lot of things
shoes- none
on your head.....- my hair is up in a ponytail...
person your thinking about......- rather not say

what do you think of George W. Bush?- hate him a lot... fucked up America but oh well
what kind of computer do you have?- dude it's a dell
do you have any siblings?- brother~ 23
any step-parents?- nope... well I have real parents who are gone- and now stuck with the ones I have now
do you wish you could move?- yes
have you been in a 'fist' fight... recently?- nope
have you been to hawaii?- yeah... it was okay
does your mom have fancy china?- sure
is your mom a hooker?- my mom's dead
do you wish you were in a different grade?- yup
do you miss someone with all your heart?- I'm dying slowly
are you wearing a watch?- no...
what time is it?- 4:22 haha 2 mins after 420 :-P
are your legs smooth?- um yeah
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(no subject) [Nov. 9th, 2004|04:20 pm]
[mood |deviousdevious]
[music |Slipknot- The Nameless]

||Birth Name|| Ana Cecilia
|Nickname|| Krisi
||Where do you live?|| MI
||Birthplace|| El Salvador

||pictured your crush naked?|| mayba
||actually seen your crush naked?|| uh no
||been in love|| yes
||cried when someone died|| yup
||drank alcohol|| yesss
||fallen for your best friend|| yeah (who was a guy)
||been rejected|| errr yeah
||rejected some one|| sadly yes
||been cheated on|| yup
||done something u regret|| ~*Never regret something that once made you smile~* yeah
||Been In Jail|| ha didn't catch me :-p I've been reported though
||Hit a Boy|| yeah- but never slapped
||Hit A Girl|| yeah- but never slapped
||Broken A Bone|| nope! *knock on wood*
||Cheated On a Test|| who me O:)
||Let a friend cry on your shoulder|| yeah
||Fell asleep in the bath|| haha yeah- also in the shower
||Walked in on someone changing or showering|| yeah oops!
||Gone to Church|| every week
||Never slept during a night|| yeah... that was an interesting experience
||Seen someone die|| start to yes... and on television
||Thought you were in love|| yeah
||Screamed at someone for no reason|| PMS
||Stayed up till 4 am on the phone|| hehehe

||what do u notice first?|| features... hair- personality
||worst thing to say| stupid pick up line
||do you have a crush|| yessss

||Bill Clinton|| haha the man!
||Love at First Sight|| that would be nice
||Abortion|| lot of different things
||Pot|| tsk tsk
||Eating disorders|| been there done that
||Rap|| is fucking gay
||Marilyn Manson|| I FUCKING LOVE HIM! omg- the fact this quiz has this makes me wanna cry im so happy
||Suicide|| obssessed
||Drinking|| good ol' times
||Life|| fuck it
||Memory of the year|| all of 'em are in the summer
||Food|| mmmmm yummy!

||Favorite movie|| so many- any horror- A NIGHT AT THE ROXBURRY!
||Favorite Book|| NIGHTSHADE- John Saul (holy fuck you have to read it)
||Favorite type of music|| Straight Hardcore Metal
||Favorite type of cars|| Lexus!
||Favorite Saying|| ohhh yeahhhh- gah!
||Favorite Ice Cream|| Cherry Garcia
||Favorite Alcohol|| Straight Vodka
||Favorite Television Show|| simpsons

||Took A Shower|| this morning
||Cried||Sunday ||Watched a Disney movie|| uh- a couples of weeks ago?
||Received a hug|| today

||Where you Want To Live|| anywhere but here
||How Many Kids Do You Want|| idk... I wanna adopt some too
||What Kind Of Job Do You Want|| I wanna write and help in the community services

||I want|| to be left alone
||I wish|| things were different
||I love|| my close friends
||I miss|| the summer
||I fear|| losing my close loves
||how do you know its love?|| whenever things becomes hazy around that person... they obbsess your mind and everything you've ever wanted is right at the moment of the silent breaths...
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(no subject) [Nov. 7th, 2004|09:05 pm]
[mood |draineddrained]
[music |the humming of this computer...]

haha time waster- I love me

Your Favorite...
-Number: 2, 16, 18, 22

-Color: black

-Day: Saturday
-Month: June
-Song: The Virus of Life- Slipknot
-Food: Ruzzut (family recipie)
-Season: summer
-Drink: Coke
-Veggie: Potatoes!!!!

-Cuddle or Make Out: depends on the mood I'm in
-Chocolate Milk of Hot Chocolate: hot chocolate
-Milk, Dark, or White Chocolate: Milk Chocolate
-Vanilla or Chocolate: Vanilla

In the Last 24 Hours, Have You...
-Cried: YESSS! all fucking day
-Helped Someone: yeah- and got in trouble?
-Bought Something: hahaha yes last night with syd
-Gone to the Movies: almost...but nope
-Gone out for Dinner: yeah- with sydddd
-Said "I Love You": yes
-Written a Real Letter: wtf- what is the difference between a real and fake letter? but idk... i finished one up for Neka- maybe it is a fake =o
-Talked to an Ex: yeahhhh
-Missed an Ex: yeahhhh
-Written in a Journal: this is a LIVE one
-Had a Serious Talk: yes
-Missed Someone: killing me deeply... I miss him so much
-Hugged Someone: yeahhh syddd lol
-Fought With Your Parents: god... all day
-Fought With a Friend: nope! woot woot

Would or Have You Ever?
Liked your voice?: eh at times
Hurt yourself?: yeah... :-\ but I've stopped...
Been out of the country?: yeah
Eaten something that made other people sick?: they are just immature... you know you don't know what it tastes like until you have it
Done drugs?: helllll no
Gone skinny dipping?: helllll yeah
Had a medical emergency?: yes
Had surgery?: nope... almost- but nope
Ran away from home?: yeah
Played strip poker?: hehehe yeah
Gotten beaten up?: uh no- verbally... yeah
Beaten someone up?: yeah
Been picked on?: verbally...
Been on stage?: yeah
Slept outdoors?: yeah
Thought about suicide?: obbsesses my mind...
Pulled an all nighter?: yeah... not a good idea
If yes, what is your record?: hmmm like 2 1/2 days
Gone one day without food?: was anerexic... 4 months :-\
Talked on the phone all night?: hehehe yeah
Slept together with the opposite sex w/o actually having sex?: yup
Slept all day?: till like 12 once- which isn't normal for me
Killed someone?: lmao- what kinda question is this... uh no- tempted... mary knows what I'm talking about
Made out with a stranger?: naw... i wait to know em
Thought you're going crazy?: blah I guess
Kissed the same sex?: yes
Done anything sexual with the same sex?: haha i love you syd- stir crazy... that talk was fun
Been betrayed?: backstabbers need to burn in hell
Had a dream that came true?: yeah
Broken the law?: have I ever
Met a famous person?: yeah
Have you ever killed an animal by accident?: no...
On purpose?: uh no... bugs though :)
Stolen anything?: nope
Been on radio/tv?: yup
Been in a mosh-pit?: good times
Had a nervous breakdown?: yeah... not good when you're with the guy you like
Bungee jumped?: I WANNA!!!!
Had a dream that kept coming back?: yeah... O:)

Who Was the Last Person...
That haunted you?: my ex... he hinders every corner of my mind
You wanted to kill?: got a list :)
You went shopping with?: SYD!!!!
That broke your heart?: Josh....
To disappoint you?: um- idk really...
To ask you out?: Allen
To make you cry?: my parents
To brighten up your day?: my friends
That you thought about?: josh cuz that's what sarah n I are discussing...
You saw a movie with in a theatre?: Neka- The Grudge
You talked to on the phone?: brian
You talked to through IM/ICQ?: sarah- brian- john- andrew- allen- mary
You saw?: my mommy
You lost?: he broke my heart...

Three things you are often complimented for: 1- sense of humor 2- being cute 3- looking secksi :)
What upsets you: backstabbing fuckfaces

Yes or No..
-You keep a diary: different kinds... yes

-You like to cook: sometimes

-You have a secret you have not shared with anyone: yeah

-You're in love: yes

-You set your watch a few minutes ahead: just a few? lol

-You bite your fingernails: the skin around it :-\

-You believe in love: yeah... painful

Who is...
-The prettiest person of the opposite sex you know: prettiest? uhhh Jimmy :-x

-The weirdest person you know: Mare Bear!
-The Loudest Person you Know: Amanda
-Your close friends: Syd, Sarah, Mare Bear, Neka

-The Person that Knows the Most about you: Mareee Bearrrrr
-Most Boring Teacher: ummm Ms. Brown- fucking bitch

What is.
-Your most overused phrase on IM: gah

-Last image/thought you go to sleep with: mix of things...
-Your best feature: I wuv my hair :)
-Inside joke: ~*Taste the Rainbow*~
Do You...
-Take a shower everyday: yeahhhh
-Think you've been in love: yeah
-Want to get married: yup yup
-Have any tattoos? If so,where: kinda... on my arms/wrist/ankles

-Get motion sickness: barely...

Think you're a health freak: hahaha no
-Get along with your parents: hmmm- ask my friends that and they'll laugh

What Do You Think of when You See the Name...
-Ryan: my ex...

-Rob: my cousin
-Drew: camille
-Stephanie: she lives near me
-Heather: bitch who stole andy away from me a couple of times
-Aaron: oh don't get me started there lol- well hmm adam's brother- carter haha i love that kid
-Amy: my hair person
-Paul: Pawl- omg i fucking adore this kid
-Eve: Adam
-John: cutieee
-Alex: smart kid
-Justin: called me 1 am and woke me up!
-Jamie: elementry friends...
-Ricky: Martin - secksi
Jack: rose

Sign: Pisces
Natural Hair Color: Dark Brown/black with natural highlights
Current Hair Color: dark.... hehe
Eye Color: dark brown/black
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(no subject) [Nov. 7th, 2004|12:51 am]
[mood |sillysilly]
[music |Cranberries- God Be With You]

ha fun ass time with Syd last night- well a couple of hours ago... haha she's so fucking awesome

hey what's your name
ugly guy wants to.... put put hahahahaha
shes with me
haha i love you

and woooot calling matt ;) I'm so happy he's taking me back and I get to see him on Monday :D this should be fun (sarah your coming too for Doug :)) yeah hottie matt lol- this should be intersting- i'll tell u what shit goes down

yeah... oh well syd's awesome yeah... i need 80$ and go back to victorias secrets lol she knows why...

blah idk what to talk about.... I feel like doing some survey shit- where do I find them... grrrr
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(no subject) [Nov. 6th, 2004|03:10 am]
[mood |annoyedannoyed]
[music |Annoying Mark in the backround (not the awesome mark lol)]

I'm at school right now bored out of my fucking mind... mwah I haven't updated in like forever... all of you better of read my livejournal >:o

yeah and then there is this kid behind me talking to his computer GAH so annoying! I told him to go talk to it in the bathroom or go make some friends... and he continues to be annoying

oh well... I've been having like a bad week at school because people decide to bastards and they think that's all cool- oh well- I wuv Sarah and Neka for being my awesome friends

and MARY IS MY EX BEST FRIEND... :( she never puts me in her livejournals... very sad... she hates me


yeah 3 day weekend- yeahhh you read that bitch

holy fuck... I can't believe Bush won- oh well- all of you get to see the mistake you chose and how he's gonna fuck up America some more :)

I saw the grudge with neka... haha FUN FUCKING TIEMS... Tomorrow night I'm going back with some more friends to see it... tonight I'm going shopping- WOO WOO WOO idk I hate shopping... I just feel like talking online... nah I feel like sleeping or hanging out with my friends- that's the way to be

well yeah I'll update later.... mwah
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